Please bear in mind, that this tour is not guided and is just a recommendation for you what to visit. If you want a guide, visit the Guided Tours page!

This tour presents all the must-see spots in Bratislava. In approximately 4 hours you will see the places which form the look & feel of Bratislava, were crucial in the past, or are important nowadays. From St. Martin's Cathedral to Slavin memorial to Bratislava castle - all in one well planned tour.

General information

Duration 4 hours 30 minutes
Alternative Classic guided walking tour

Follow the map to see the circuit on the map.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Mitchie

    Hi Jakub,
    Thank you for this guide! It would be really helpful for me. I am looking forward to visiting Bratislava in October :) May I please request for a separate link for the map, as I cannot seem to access it from the general information of this page.

    1. Jakub

      Hi Mitchie,
      thanks for notifying me! We are currently preparing a new design so I hope all information will be correct then. Meanwhile please see the map here:

  2. Pearl

    Where does this tour start from?



    1. Jakub

      Hi Pearl,
      it really depends on you, as this tour is not guided. But I would suggest you to start at the Presidential palace and continue "down" towards the Michael's gate and tower.