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Bratislava is not a big city, even tough it is devided into 5 maincity zones, all together consisting of 17 districts. Every district has its own mayor and council. The smallest part is the city center called "Old Town". Most of the historical monuments and sightseeing are located in here. The main train station as well as the bus station is located in this area as well.

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  • Old town - Staré mesto

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  January 03, 2016  79.00% Rating

    The Old Town is the smallest part of all the Bratislava parts, however with the highest population density of apporx. 4 000 inhabitants kilometer. It is the hearth of Bratislava, a cultural, political, social and tourist center. You will not feel al...

    Old town - Staré mesto
  • Rača

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  September 18, 2015  100.00% Rating

    Old good Rača with a calm atmosphere is situated in the southern part of Low Carpathians mountains surrounded by probably the most famous vineyard region in Slovakia. It is actually a small "village" inside of a city, due to the high number of family hou...

  • Vajnory

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  October 08, 2014  100.00% Rating

    With almost 5000 inhabitants, this small city district of Bratislava is rather a small village full of family houses than a concrete jungle, as for example Petržalka district. Vajnory has a tradition in a wine production, as they are just south of the Sm...

  • Where is Bratislava

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  January 25, 2016  86.00% Rating

    Bratislava is the capital city of a small country called the Slovak republic or Slovakia (not Slovenia). This country is situated in the hearth of Central Europe, although many people still find it as a part of Eastern Europe. The direct neighbors of Slov...

    Where is Bratislava
  • Weather and climate

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  January 11, 2016  89.00% Rating

    Bratislava has a moderately continental climate with four distinct seasons; therefore, there is a significant difference between summer and winter. During summer, the temperature can rise up to 30°C, occasionally even higher. During winter, the temper...

    Weather and climate
  • Money, currency and ATMs

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  November 17, 2015  100.00% Rating

    Since 2009 the official currency in Slovakia is Euro - €. Before there was Slovak crown (Sk), but it is not possible to pay with crowns anymore. Exchange offices Exchange offices are widely spread; you can find one in any bigger shopping center, ba...

    Money, currency and ATMs
  • Public transport in Bratislava

    Posted by Lucia Durackova  February 29, 2016  93.00% Rating

    Bratislava has built an understandable public transport line system of buses, trams, and trolleys, which convey at regular intervals according to timetables. Apps with timetables are available both for Android and iOS. Most of the line stops of the public...

    Public transport in Bratislava
  • Parking in Bratislava

    Posted by Samuel Kovacik  May 26, 2016  95.00% Rating

    General rules Yellow/Red lines mean parking here is strictly forbidden. White lines mean parking here is allowed. White cross mean parking here is restricted (sometimes for residents, sometimes it is paid - look for this sign or for a seller in a ref...

    Parking in Bratislava
  • Tourist Information Center in Bratislava

    Posted by Lucia Durackova  April 23, 2016  86.00% Rating

    Tourist information center in Bratislava provides all essential information to every visitor of the Slovak capital. The staff can speak English and other foreign languages. It offers following services: Complex information about the city and its surrou...

    Tourist Information Center in Bratislava

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