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The Old Town is the smallest part of all the Bratislava parts, however with the highest population density of apporx. 4 000 inhabitants kilometer.

It is the hearth of Bratislava, a cultural, political, social and tourist center. You will not feel alone on these city streets for sure. They are full of people and to hear a foreign language is not an unusual thing. Bratislava is often called a "large village" by the locals, because you cannot walk down the street without meeting a person you know. However, do not except the masses like in other metropolitan cities, which never sleep.

Many shops can be found here, mainly on the main street called Obchodná. This could be translated as a Shopping street and the name totally describes its character. Of course, you can find also many bars, pubs, fast-food and restaurant, here. Another famous shopping mall with a beautiful river promenade is Eurovea shopping center.

Except for the important government institutions, a lot of companies have placement in Old Town. It is often considered to be a prestigious address. Due to this fact, there are more employees than inhabitants on the dialy average.

The city center has also many famous cultural places, which you should visit:

  • St. Martin's Cathedral - the largest and one of the oldest churches in Bratislava, a former crowning historical spot
  • St Michael's gate and tower with a nice balcony walk up above the city
  • Bratislava castle - the symbol of Bratislava
  • New bridge with another symbol of the "UFO" restaurant
  • Primate's Palace - the seat of the Mayor of Bratislava
  • Original and the new Slovak National Theatre
  • Medical's garden

In the middle of the city center, there is a Main square connected by narrow streets with some other smaller beautiful squares. During the winter the christmas markets take part in here. It is usual to visit these markets to taste a national food, get a taste of a traditional hot wine or honey liquor, meet up with friends and family, ice skate in the public skate ara, and eventually buy a small Christmas gift. Moreover, in the summer you can find a lot of fun activities in the center.


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rabiah on Mar 03, 2013

dear sir,

i'm Rabiah from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.i'll be in budapest from 28 -29.4.2013. i would like to go to Bratislava from Vienna. which is best, by bus or train? tqvm

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Jakub on Mar 06, 2013

Hello Rabiah,

it is more comfortable to travel by train. Please see for more information.


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chrysavgi on Dec 10, 2014

Dear sir,

I have booked a hote in the Stare Mesto in Bratislava and I would like to know how can I get there from Vienna airport. Also, from where is the best to rent a car?

Thank you.

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Lucia on Dec 10, 2014

Hi chrysavgi,

you can take a bus from the Vienna airport and get off at the bus station which is located close to the Stare mesto area. You can buy a bus ticket at our web page here:

and here are several tips where to rent a car:


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chrysavgi on Dec 10, 2014

Hi Lucia,

Thank you very much for your answer!


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