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Ružinov is the second most populated borough, housing over 70 000 inhabitants. Industrial business centers, shopping malls, financial businesses and banks are located here, as well as, industrial plants, such as Slovnaft and the cargo Port of Bratislava.

The popular open-air market place at Miletičova street, known as Bratislava's largest and most frequented fair, is also located in Ružinov. It is well known for the low prices and a real full-on market atmosphere. Howerver, still more and more Vietnamese or Asian communities come to sell their products here and you can find inferior electronics among the fresh fruit and vegetable coming from domestic farmers.

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The international Bratislava airport Milan Rastislav Štefánik is also located in this district. The largest shopping center in Slovakia - Avion - is based in Ružinov, with the Ikea store and is surrounded by new office buildings and few modern hotels

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