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With almost 5000 inhabitants, this small city district of Bratislava is rather a small village full of family houses than a concrete jungle, as for example Petržalka district. Vajnory has a tradition in a wine production, as they are just south of the Small Carpathians Mountains. Vajnory has a rich culture and customs, which are still held by the traditions and local communities.

Vajnory has it's "own" airport but no airlines fly here. However, it is still considered to be the oldest airport in Slovakia.

During the summer many people come to the nearby lake called Vajnorské jazerá or Bager. It is a man-made lake, considered to be quite clean and safe, nevertheless, do not expect the luxurious services. Actually on one side of the lake you sit only a few feet from the highway. But still, it is for free and a good place of relaxation.

Another "water culture" is Zlaté piesky (Golden Sands). From the north-eastern part there is a free access, but not many services. When you access trough the main entrance on the north-western part, you will pay something around 1-2€ but get a huge grass place and many sporting facilities, such as tennis courts or beach volleyball spots.

Very handy shopping mall Shopping Palace, with a massive hypermarket Tesco, is located nearby.

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