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Money, currency and ATMs

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  1. Exchange offices
  2. ATMs

Since 2009 the official currency in Slovakia is Euro - €. Before there was Slovak crown (Sk), but it is not possible to pay with crowns anymore.

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport

Exchange offices

Exchange offices are widely spread; you can find one in any bigger shopping center, bank branch, or even hotels, at travel agencies, post offices, and on the border crossings. Another possibility is to change money directly by an ATM withdrawal. In both cases you will pay some fee (unless your home bank says elsewise). If you want to avoid paying additional fees issued by banks or exchange, you should pay by card as much as possible. However, there can still be some fee issued by your domestic bank. Most of the stores in Bratislava accept the PAYpass or PayWave payment method, which limit is 20€ per day.


ATMs are also widely spread; there are more than 2000 machines all around Bratislava. See the map of ATMs in Bratislava:

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Can we use Yugoslavia Dinar 1993 & 1994 when we travel to Eastern European countries?


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