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Parking in Bratislava

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Table of content:

  1. General rules
  2. Some pro tips

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport

General rules

  • Yellow/Red lines mean parking here is strictly forbidden.
  • White lines mean parking here is allowed.
  • White cross mean parking here is restricted (sometimes for residents, sometimes it is paid - look for this sign or for a seller in a reflexive green vest).
  • This sign means : Parking here is not allowed.
  • This sign means : Parking here is allowed, but only for a minute.
  • If you park partially on a pavement - make sure you left at least 1.5m for pedestrians.

Breaking any of this rules might (and probably will) result in towing of your car. If that happens - call 112 (police), they will inform you how to proceed - our advice is to avoid this sort of trouble.

Some pro tips

  • Park somewhere else than in the center and use public transport (95% of parking spots in the center are restricted).
  • If you have to park in the center, there are not so expansive parking houses (1€ - 3€ per hour) and some even cheaper smaller parking areas (0.5€ - 1€ euro per hour).
  • Most shopping malls offer free parking, at least for first 3 hours (but it might be a little bit problematic during lunch time or special events (Christmas or so on).
  • Most of the paid spots are free after 5pm (and untill 8am) - this should be written under the parking sign.

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Wiki on Apr 25, 2017

Hi, thanks for advises. Are the same rules for weekend time? (friday 17.00 till monday mornig 8.00)

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