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Telecom operators in Bratislava


There are 3 main telecom operators in Slovakia:

  • O2
  • Telekom
  • Orange

The whole area of Slovakia is well covered by signal.

Mobile internet

  • 3G - in some parts of bigger cities, like Bratislava
  • HSDPA - in bigger cities and surrounded areas
  • EDGE - whole area of Slovakia

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sulay sanyang on Aug 26, 2014

hallo!!my question was i was in bratislava from last thursday till sunday upreissing festeval,and i met woman name maria she told me she is workin telecom in bratislav in american company,so i try to get her contarct i call there but thy dont want talk to me from austira and i cant speak slovakis....any help i will be greatfull!!

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Samuel on Aug 26, 2014

Hi sulay sanyang,

unfortunately, there are probably way too many Marias in there. The best thing we can recommend is to try some social network (maybe Facebook). And good luck to you :)


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