Bratislava is the capital city of a small country called the Slovak republic or Slovakia (not Slovenia). This country is situated in the hearth of Central Europe, although many people still find it as a part of Eastern Europe. The direct neighbors of Slovak Republic are Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Ukraine and Hungary.

Facts about Bratislava

Bratislava, relatively to Slovakia, lays in the western part of the country, very near to the borders with Austria and Hungary. It is the only one European capital city, which borders with two other countries.

Thanks to its position, it is not unusual to live in a small Austrian village and commute for work to Bratislava and vice versa. Bratislava is also very close to Vienna - the capital city of Austria. Thanks to the short 60km distance, these two cities are the closest two capitals in Europe. That is why there are strong connections between these two old cities and also traveling from Bratislava to Vienna is very easy - there are trains, buses, or even boat links on a regular basis.

Together with Hungarian capital - Budapest, and Czech capital - Prague, this "fantastic four" forms an important Central-European metropolitan region.

Bratislava is very often called like a "A Beauty on Danube", because it spreads along both sides of this river. Even though it is placed mostly on the flat surface, the mountains Little Carpathians, begin right behind the city. These mountains are popular place for the weekend relax or short walks in the nature.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Sejal Shah

    Hi could you tell me fastest way to travel from salzburg to prague.

    1. Samuel

      Hi Sejal Shah,
      train to Linz, change there to bus to Prague

  2. Mirela Pintar

    Please could you tell me how to get fastest from Braislava to Wolfsburg 18.08.2014.?

    Thank you in advance!

    Mirela Pintar

    1. Lucia

      Hi Mirela Pintar,
      you should take a train from Bratislava at 8.10 called EC 174 Jan Jesenius, arrive to Berlin hbf (tief) at 17:15, change to Berlin hbf (approx 8 minutes) and then from here there is another train at 17.46 which arrives to Wolfsburg Hbf at 18.54.


  3. karen

    how much is the train fare from Bratislava to nove zamky. and how long will it take or would it be better by taxi how much will it cost and how long

    1. Samuel

      Hi karen,
      train fare is somewhere around 5-10 euro, time should be approximately 1 hour. And taxi is definitely a bad option (can go easily up 100 euros).

  4. shah

    how far is the airport from the train station and how much is the fare on taxi and do the taxi drivers take euros

    1. Samuel

      Hi shah,
      it's approximately 8km (5 miles) and depending on the traffic around 20-35 minutes. Taxi drives accept euros (and probably nothing else) and it should cost 10-15euros.

      Google map here


    2. Jozef

      Hi shah,
      From airport to Main train station it is only 7,6 Km. Taxi will take you for 10 Euros (most!) Do not pay more and take receipt if the taxi driver will refuse to give you one do not pay and call police (phone number: 158 or 112) and all taxi driver are obligated to take Euros as it is our currency.

  5. Elli

    Hey! I would like to organize a trip with my students in Bratislava... Where does the tour start? And where does it finish? Is it possible to skip a few spots, as we are short in time? And finally, what is the phone number of the guide or the organisation as I would like to call them to know exactly whenthe tour will start! Sprry for all those questions, thanks!

    Elli Perstel

    1. Samuel

      Hi Elli,
      please visit this
      (there are several possible options)