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Gatto Matto restaurant is located next to British embassy in old town sharing one yard with British council anguage school. This is an excellent place where you could get authentic Italian food for reasonable price. You can't get there by car and if you chose to go by car you are in for a bit long walk. Thanks to its location right in the historical part of town, tourist do not have to travel to get here. You can just make a detour from your route in city. For public transport it is best to get to the bridge of SNP and walk from there by foot (5 min. walk). Atmosphere is fantastic. Either you sit on winter terrace or you choose to sit in dark, but romantic, interior, you won't be disappointed.

Service is one of the best we have ever experienced (even better than in Tokyo or London!). Waiters know exactly what they are doing. They help you to understand dishes and ingredients. They recommend you their weekly specialities and of course they help you to pick a perfect wine that will match your food. It does not matter what dish you will choose - from tasty risotto with brown champion mushrooms in cream sauce topped with grated parmesan cheese or homemade pastas, pizzas or even salads. Your taste buds will scream in sensation. Their menu is fresh and lesser in quantity, but do not take back any quality. Every ingredient is fresh and prepared in extremely simple way. Their collection of wines is rich on types and possibilities. Ask the staff and they will help you with your choice. And if you have vice for sweets do not leave without trying tiramisu.

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For authentic and quality dish you pay cheap-to-moderate price. Great meal will cost you around 10€ - 15€, but you would get and experience as you would spend hours of travelling south to Italy. 

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