Bratislava has only one airport called "Letisko Milana Rastislava Štefánika", or shorter version "Letisko M. R. Štefánika", so it is easy to navigate to here. The low-cost airlines, Ryanair, flies directly to here. Visit the Official website [EN] for more information.

Getting there by bus

The airport is easily accessible by bus; however, do not expect any exclusive shuttle service. You can take the bus number 61 (see the timetables [EN]), which connects the airport with the central train station and it will not take you more than 30 minutes to get there.

This bus has also its nightline, so you will not get stuck at the airport even between 11pm and 4am. See the timetables (EN) for the night bus line number N61 here.

Another bus number 96 (timetable [EN]) can take you to the other side of the city called Petržalka.

The price of the one-way ticket valid for 60 minutes (eventually 90 minutes during the weekend) is 0,90€ for normal tariff, and 0,45€ for the reduced tariff.

Getting there by train

There is no train station directly on the airport, but the central train station is easily accessible by bus. See the section above for more information

Airport by car

The airport is located in the eastern part of the capital city of Bratislava, with a direct link to the D1 motorway by-pass. Motorway exits are clearly signposted, with a pictogram of an airplane, together with the Slovak word for airport "Letisko". GPS coordinates: N 48.1702076, E 17.1991187

Parking is also provided and prices are about 1,70€ for every hour. 15 minutes stay is, however, for free. For detailed prices follow the airport official parking price-list [EN].

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Questions & Answers

  1. liz

    We will be arriving at Bratislava Airport from the UK at 14.10 on Wednesday 8th October and want to travel to Vienna by ferry. We will travel by bus from the airport. How far is the boat departure point from the bus stop? Do we need to get a different bus?
    Thank you for your help

    1. Jakub

      Hi liz,
      I would suggest you to take a direct bus from Bratislava Airport to Vienna - it is most comfortable. You can buy bus tickets online here:
      However, if you want to go by ferry, you would need to take a bus #61 following the tram #4. See journey planner here:

  2. Chris Vandermersch

    Good evening,

    Wednesday we arrive at LETISKO M. R. STEFANIKA.

    How can we get from there to the HOTEL APOLLO (Dulovo Namestie 1) by public transport (bus ?).

    Kind regards

    1. Samuel

      Hi Chris Vandermersch,
      there are several options, the simplest is :
      take bus n. 96, 12 stops to "Maximiliána Hella", then change to bus n. 50 (heading to Aupark), it's 6 stops to Dulovo Namestie - you should be there in aprox 35 minutes (altogether). Don't forget to buy and mark bus ticket (there should be a machine right out of the airport, it accepts coins only). Have a nice stay

  3. Faith

    Many thanks for replying so quickly, where should I buy the bus ticket ? and do I have to pay extra for large suitcase?

    Doing a one day excursion on Friday 12th September to Vienna, best and cheapest way to travel, where do I buy ticket? obviously still at Danubia Gate Hotel!

    Your kindness is very much appreciated in helping me

    1. Samuel

      Hi Faith,
      there should a ticket machine right in front of the airport (next to the bus station) - it accepts coins only, so change some money if needed. Usually no one pays for large suitcase, but it is probably written on the ticket machine that you should.

      Best for Vienna is either a train - tickets can be bought right at the main train station (you can find some more info on our website) or a bus (tickets can be bought online here

  4. Faith

    Hi, arriving at airport 9.00 am next Wednesday and need to get to Danubia Gate Hotel, Dunajska 26, by public transport. We have 1 large suitcase. Advice please on easiest and cheapest journey - bus or train? many thanks in advance

    1. Samuel

      Hi Faith,
      not sure if you are arriving at the Bratislava airport (since you ask about train), but assuming you are, than the best is :
      Bus #61 : Airport -> Trnavské mýto (14 stops)
      Tram #4 : Trnavské mýto -> Dunajská (3 stops)

      Don't forget to buy & validate (inside the bus) your tickets (they cost 90 cents and are valid for one hour, which should be enough)

      1. Samuel

        Hi Samuel,
        if you are interested in other (almost equivalent) options, check this link

  5. Mark

    We arrive at Letisko Mr Stefanika Airport at 12.00 lunchtime on 1st July and want to get to Vienna.
    Would it be quicker to go to Vienna BY AIRPORT BUS or take a bus to Bratislava Train Station and go via train? We want a return ticket for the 4th July 2014.
    What is the cost?

    1. Samuel

      Hi Mark ,
      as far as is the time considered - bus and train are almost equal options. In addition, you can buy bus tickets online (but not train tickets), so I think the bus is the most convenient option for you. To buy a bus ticket, please visit

      1. mark

        Hi Thanks for that,
        Think Blaguss Bus is quicker? and it stops at Vienna ERDBURG SUBWAY STATION do you agree?

        1. Samuel

          Hi mark,
          the route and the number of stops is almost the same for all buses, so they cover that distance in the same time. The bus stops at Vienna Erdburg bus station, but it is right next to the subway station (1 minute walk)

          1. mark

            Which Bus company should i get and if you book is it an open ticket for the day.
            what happens if the plane arrives late?

            1. Samuel

              Hi mark,
              your ticket should be valid for the rest of the day, however there might be a problem, if there are no free seats in later connections.

            2. Jakub

              Hi mark,
              I would go out with Slovaklines, there is really not a big difference between the companies. Neither in price. Slovaklines offers Open return ticket valid for 180 days, but you should book it in advance as soon as you know when you will travel.
              Hope it helps.