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Bratislava Airport (BTS)


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Table of content:

  1. Getting there by bus
  2. Getting there by train
  3. Airport by car

Bratislava has only one airport called "Letisko Milana Rastislava Štefánika", or shorter version "Letisko M. R. Štefánika", so it is easy to navigate to here. The low-cost airlines, Ryanair, flies directly to here. Visit the Official website [EN] for more information.

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport

Getting there by bus

The airport is easily accessible by bus; however, do not expect any exclusive shuttle service. You can take the bus number 61 (see the timetables [EN]), which connects the airport with the central train station and it will not take you more than 30 minutes to get there.

This bus has also its nightline, so you will not get stuck at the airport even between 11pm and 4am. See the timetables (EN) for the night bus line number N61 here.

Another bus number 96 (timetable [EN]) can take you to the other side of the city called Petržalka.

The price of the one-way ticket valid for 60 minutes (eventually 90 minutes during the weekend) is 0,90€ for normal tariff, and 0,45€ for the reduced tariff.

Getting there by train

There is no train station directly on the airport, but the central train station is easily accessible by bus. See the section above for more information

Airport by car

The airport is located in the eastern part of the capital city of Bratislava, with a direct link to the D1 motorway by-pass. Motorway exits are clearly signposted, with a pictogram of an airplane, together with the Slovak word for airport "Letisko". GPS coordinates: N 48.1702076, E 17.1991187

Parking is also provided and prices are about 1,70€ for every hour. 15 minutes stay is, however, for free. For detailed prices follow the airport official parking price-list [EN].

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Ratree on Apr 25, 2013

Hi there!

I leave near Petrzalka train station,I would like to know the timetable to Vienna and also I m going to Schottenring station could you tell me how to get there?

Thank you in advance



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Jakub on Apr 26, 2013


please see for more information about trains to Vienna.

To get to Schottenring first take metro U1 from Sudtiroler platz (place where you will arrive by train) to Schwedenplatz and there change to U4 which will take you directly to Schottenring.


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Ratree on Apr 26, 2013

Thank you so much,it is very helpfully


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Peter on Apr 29, 2013

I\'m arriving at Bratislava Airport but need to travel to Vienna. Because of the time I am arriving I think I will take a taxi. Approximately how much will it be by taxi to Vienna?




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Jakub on Apr 30, 2013


it should cost around 40-70€, it depends. Maybe try contacting


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Jaap Marius unk on Jul 26, 2013

where can I find ATM for withdrawing Euro's with

Visa credit card and how much can you withdraw per ATM within 24 hours.

can you give me a name of an international bank in Bratislava.

Thanks in advance jaap marius unk


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Jakub on Jul 29, 2013

Hi Jaap,

please see for a map of ATMs in Bratislava. The withdraw limit depends on a bank and on settings of your card.

International banks are: Sberbank, UniCredit Bank and Raiffeisen bank named Tatra Banka.


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