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Central train station


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Table of content:

  1. Facilities
  2. Get there by public transport
  3. Get there by taxi
  4. Get there by car

Central train station called "Hlavná stanica", is located within a few minutes from city center by public transport. The surrounding of the station image and visual is awful, however, it should be modernized within few years. Maybe you will not believe, this is a central station in a capital city, as well as it is a central public transport. You can get everywhere from here even during the night, as it is a place full of homeless people.

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport


  • Luggage lockers
  • Free WiFi
  • Toilets
  • Buffets
  • Ticket machines

Get there by public transport

Bus number 61 will take you directly to the airport in less than half an hour and you do not need to pay any special price for a ticket. This bus has also a nightline N61, so you will not get stuck on the train station even between 23 and 4 o'clock.

Trolleybus number 210 connects the train station with the central bus station within 15 minutes maximum. For the list of transports departing from train station see the schedule (EN).

If you want to go to the city center, the best way is to take a bus number X13. Take off at the bus stop called: "Namestie SNP" and you are one step from the very center of Bratislava - Main square ("Hlavne namestie"). There used to be trams connecting city center and the main train station but nowadays, it is closed so bus X13 is the only connection.

Get there by taxi

There are several taxi companies operating in front of the train station, you can just hop on.

Get there by car

There is a paid nonstop parking spot just a few steps from the central train station entrance. It costs something around 1-2€ per hour. Follow this website for the current situation (Hlavná stanica).

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Image gallery

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  • Bratislava Central Train Station - inside hall
  • Bratislava Central Train Station - ticket desks
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ed lim on Oct 03, 2012

where can I leave my luggages in train station for the day? I am leaving the same day at night, not staying in hotel.

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Jakub on Oct 03, 2012

There is a luggage locker right on the station. When you get off the train and enter the building, it will be on your right side. The cost is around 2-3€ per day.

Enjoy your trip :)

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Igor on Apr 17, 2013

is there a train (line) to Erfrut Germany and what is the price of the ticket in one direction?

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Jakub on Apr 23, 2013

Hi Igor,

there is no direct connection. You will need to get to Dresden (direct or several connections possible). But I do not know the price, sorry.



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Josip Brešić on Apr 23, 2013

hi! i am coming to žilina for U17 EURO championship. i am from zagreb, and i will like to ask you how can i go from zagreb to žilina by train? what is the prices and best route?

thank you

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Jakub on Apr 23, 2013

Hi Josip,

there should be direct connection from Zagreb to Vienna or Budapest. From these cities, you will get to Bratislava easily. And from Bratislava you will have to take a train to Žilina. Altogether it should take around 11 - 16 hours.

Have a nice trip.

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