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  1. Get there by public transport
  2. Get there by taxi
  3. Get there by car

The main bus station is located in the wider city center. It has been opened in the 1983 and should soon be reconstructed. Unlike in the most of cities, the bus station is not located directly nearby the main train station. Inside, there are a restaurants and snack bars, lugguage storage room, post office, currency exchange office and a machine for selling the tickets for public transport.

During the night, the bus station is not considered to be the most nearest place as few homeless people could hang around here. The official bus station name is Mlynské nivy, Autobusova stanica or AS Mlynské Nivy. Sometimes it is even shortened to ASMN.

Bus station connects Bratislava not only with other parts of Slovakia, but even with the rest of Europe. See the full list of cities, where you can get from here, including metropolis like Wien, Prague, Berlin, Paris or even London.

Get there by public transport

The bus station is one of the central public transport spots in Bratislava, so you can get here easily using wide variety of buses or trolleybuses.The trolleybus number 210 provides the connection between the bus station and the Central train station and the journey takes no more than 10 minutes.

Get there by taxi

Taxis wait in front of the station but bear in mind that taking a taxi by not calling an operator, but directly hopping in is slightly more expensive.

Get there by car

In front of the station there is a parking place, which is for free, but often full. However, it is possible to park the car in the nearby streets.

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mary ann on Feb 11, 2013

your website is excellent and answers any questions i may have before i need to ask them. thank you for making it so easy.

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Jakub on Feb 17, 2013

Hi Mary Ann,

thank you very much :) However, if you have any idea how to improve the web site or what information to offer, please do not hesitate to write us :)


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Luiz Antonio Lorenzi camera on Mar 30, 2013

Hello, Good morning

Is the Bratislava bus station close to downtown, and can I go there on foot? I will buy the tickets throught your web site,Tell me: If I loose the bus time, can I take the next bus.?Thanks for your help. Bye

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Jakub on Mar 31, 2013

Hello Luiz,

Bratislava Bus station is relatively close to the city center - 2km and 20 minutes by walk.

We do not sell any tickets, we are just a guide for tourists :) Which ticket do you want to buy? From where to where? If you mean public transport to get from bus station to city centre, you can buy one ticket for any time or any bus.

Have a nice trip

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Yew on May 13, 2013

Hi I'm trying to book a bus from Vienna Südtirolerplatz to Bratislava main bus station on this site There are four options to choose from when I am selecting the drop off point. Should I select "Bratislava, AS" for the main bus station? Thanks!

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Jakub on May 26, 2013

Hi Yew,

yes - Bratislava, AS is the main station.


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