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Bratislava passenger port


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  1. Routes
  2. Getting there by public transport
  3. Getting there on foot
  4. Getting there by car

The Passenger port is located on the Danube river bank, directly in the city center. Not many people are used to take a boat transport in Bratislava, it is considered to be more of a tourist attraction than a regular transport.

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The Slovak boat and ports (EN) company offers cruises within Bratislava, as a sightseeing tour, but there is also a possibility to go from Bratislava to Vienna by boat and enjoy the cruise on Danube. Here is a list of offered Danube criuses (EN) offered. They offer special cruises and parties on a boat, as well.

Getting there by public transport

The passenger port is located between two tram stops, from which it that takes no more 5 than minutes to approach the port. The tram stop is called Nám. Ľ. Štúra, where there is a tram stop only, and the second one is Šafárikovo nám., where there is also a bus stop.

Getting there on foot

As the port is located in the city center, it is easily approachable from every direction. If you walk by the bank of Danube, you will find it easily. It is a few hunderd meters away from the Old Bridge and the historical building of Slovak National Museum stands just beside.

Getting there by car

You need to get to the "Vajanského nábrežie" street. There is a turn to the "Fajnorovo nábrežie" street. You could try to find a place to park on this street, or continue to the end of the street. There is a paid parking service.

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