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Follow the list of the most important and interesting places, which have to be visited by every tourist coming to Bratislava.

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  • Bratislava castle

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  January 04, 2016  71.00% Rating

    The most significant symbol of the city - the Bratislava castle - is located in the very center of Bratislava. Its interesting design with four towers on each side shapes the panorama of Bratislava from every angle. A bit of history The castle obtained ...

    Bratislava castle
  • Devin Castle

    Posted by Lucia Durackova  June 12, 2015  100.00% Rating

    Devin castle spreads on the hill above the crossroad of two important rivers of this region: Danube and Morava, which form a natural Slovak border with Austria and Czech Republic. Nowadays, the castle remains as a museum and the surrounding...

    Devin Castle
  • St. Martin's Cathedral

    Posted by Jakub Zilincan  April 30, 2015  88.00% Rating

    A bit of history St. Martin's cathedral is one of the most significant symbols of Bratislava. It was built in the 12th century and almost immediately became the center of an everyday life. Originally a Roman architecture has been converted in the Gothic ...

    St. Martin's Cathedral

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Amanda on Mar 07, 2015

in a few other countries there's Red and Blue tourist buses that visits all the places u must see as a u have such buses in Bratislava and how much does it cost?

can u do day tours to different cities like Vienna, Prague and other cities in different countries from Bratislava?

how user friendly is it to use Euro's in Bratislava or is it better to pay in the local currency..and what is the local currency and how is the exchange rate to Euro's?


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Jakub on Mar 14, 2015

Hi Amanda,

there are similar tours in a "bus" as you mention, but much more cooler :) See

From Bratislava you can easily visit Vienna as a one day tour - it is really close. However, Prague and Budapest are a bit further, but still managable.

And do not worry to use Euro in Bratislava, as it is an official currency ;)


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Viktoria on Jul 05, 2013


Where in Bratislava is there Catholic mass taking place today?

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rabiah on Dec 23, 2012

kindly let me know how much it costs for this tour for 5 pax and at what time it starts and where to meet, we'll be in vienna from 30.4.2013 till 1 may 2013

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Jakub on Dec 23, 2012

Hello Rabiah,

if you are staying in Vienna and plan to make a sightseeing tour to Bratislava, please follow or

If you stay in Bratislava and want to make a sightseeing tour here, you can choose either or

The prices vary, you will find specific prices on the posted pages.

If you want to make a tour on your own and do not want to pay for guides, we prepared a few self-guided tours here:

Hope you will like Bratislava.


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