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Bratislava castle


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Table of content:

  1. A bit of history
  2. Castle nowadays
  3. Get there by public transport
  4. Get there on foot
  5. Get there by car

The most significant symbol of the city - the Bratislava castle - is located in the very center of Bratislava. Its interesting design with four towers on each side shapes the panorama of Bratislava from every angle.

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A bit of history

The castle obtained the rare shape already in in the 9th century but the strategic position has been held much earlier. Since the mid-16th century, when Bratislava became the coronation city of the Hungarian Kingdom, council meetings enganged the castle and the coronation jewels were stored here. In 1811 the castle burnt down and was reconstructed only in the 60s. It is has become a national cultural monument since 1961. Currently it is still being partially reconstructed , yet accessible for the visitors.

Castle nowadays

Nowadays, castle hosts many expositions and is an ideal place for walks with beautiful surroundings and views.

Get there by public transport

A direct connection by trolleybus number 203 and 207 is established. The stop is called "Hrad" (Castle) and is located only 2 minute walk from the castle. Both buses are going through the city center.

Get there on foot

There is a possibility to access the castle via 3 gates:

  • Sigmund gate - considered to be the most complex and the most frequent one when accessing from old town to the south-eastern part of the castle complex. Follow the street "Židovská" & "Mikuláška" street, and then turn to the "Beblavého". Continue the street find the stairs and street called "Zámocké schody".
  • Vienna gate - the main entrance to the castle complex. Accessible from the south-western from "Palisády" or "Mudroňova". You will most likely enter this gate when coming by public transport or car.
  • Nicholas gate - follow the "Židovská street" and turn to the "Mikuláška street". You will see the street with many stairs up. You will enter the complex from the north-western direction.

Get there by car

There is a newly built parking house called "Hrad" for 276 cars just nearby the castle on the Námestie Alexandra Dubčeka (see the map). It is a paid parking, where you shall pay something around 1-2€ per 30 minutes.

A non-paid parking is located under the castle in front of the club called Subclub. However, it is quite difficult to find it and not to miss the entrance (see the map). On the other hand, you can still try to park the car in some of the near-by streets like "Zámocká", "Zochova" or "Svoradova".

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Tina on Apr 28, 2013

how much the entrance fee of the Bratislava Castle?

Reply 100%

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Jakub on Apr 28, 2013

Hi Tina,

it is 4€ for adults, or 2€ for seniors and students.



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Nick on Aug 09, 2018

What is the cost of entry to the castle in 2018 please?

Is a 15 year old a child still?


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