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Michael's gate and tower


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Table of content:

  1. The surroundings
  2. Get there on foot
  3. Get there by public transport

This 51m high tower above the gate with its green copper roof is one of the best known and the oldest buildings in Bratislava. It was built in the 14th century as one of the four gates into the city. A small pedestrian bridge over the summer reading garden leads there. In front of the gate, there is a small cannon, which invites visitors to the very top of the tower with an Museum of Weapons, as well as a great outlook onto the streets of Bratislava.

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The surroundings

Right under the Michael’s tower is a "golden circle", known as kilometer zero, which illustrates the distances from Bratislava to 29 other capital cities. The road, which leads under the gate and contiunes down to the city center, is decorated by small golden crowns that mark the historical coronation way from the time when Bratislava was a capital city of coronations in Kingdom of Hungary.

Right besides the gate there is an ancient "Baštová" street, which is considered to be the thinnest and most romantic street in Bratislava. For many years, a city hangman also lived there . You can find many neat bars and restaurants here, as well.

Get there on foot

Follow the Obchodná street towards the city center, cross the street and go still the same direction until you get between houses. There you will find the small bridge, which ends just under the Michael’s tower.

Get there by public transport

If you go from Zochova bus station you just need to walk down the "Župné námestie" street or follow the bridge towards the city center. On the right side just on the level of Obchodná Street you have to turn right between the houses and you will find a small bridge, which will lead you to the gate.

Another big bus station nearby is called Hodžovo nám. Get to the big crossroad just before the Grassalkovich palace and walk down the "Suché mýto" street until you get to the tram crossroad on the level of Obchodná street. Turn right between the houses and you will find a small bridge, which will lead you to the gate.

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