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Slavin monument


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Table of content:

  1. The surroundings
  2. Get there by public transport
  3. Get there on foot
  4. Get there by bus
  5. Get there by car

Monumental memorial Slavín is a huge cemetery located above Bratislava. It is the only official cemetery for 6845 Soviets soldiers, who died in 1945 during the liberation of Bratislava are buried here. It was built in the 1960 and two years later declared as a national monument. Every 4th April, a celebration takes part here as a tribute to the fallen soldiers.

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The surroundings

The stairs lead to the six mass graves and 278 individual ones. Above all there is a 39,5m high pylon with an 11m high sculpture on top illustrating the soldier holding the flag of liberalization.

All around the place there is a giant park. As this is the highest point of the city, from the eastern terrace there is a wonderful panorama view of the wholw Bratislava.

Get there by public transport

There is no direct connection to the Slavín monument by public transport. The closest stop is called SAV. Many buses, trolleybuses and night buses stop here. When you get to the stop, you have to walk down the "Štefánikova" street towards the city center. Then you take the first right towards the "Puškinova" street, which will lead you up to the hill to the "Mišíkova" street. If you continue to the left by this street you will get directly to the stairs, which lead to the monument. It should take about 15-20 minutes walking.

Get there on foot

If you go from the city center, you need to get to the "Hodžovo námestie" square, where there is Grassalkovich palace. Go a bit up the "Štefánikova" street until you turn left to the "Lermontova" street. Continue up the hill and you will get directly to the stairs, which lead to Slavín monument.

If you go from the central train station, you need to get to the cross of "Šancová" street and "Štefánikova" street where you find a bus station called SAV. From this place follow the instructions in the section Get to Slavín by public transport.

Get there by bus

A bus number 147 stops right under the stairs, which lead to the monument. It departs from the city center and takes around 10 minutes to get to the top. The stop is called "Slavín".

Get there by car

You need to get to the "Na Slavíne" street and park your car directly on this street. Slavín is considered to be the luxurious part of Bratislava, so it should be quite safe to park the car for toset few hours until you visit the monument.

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Nigel on Oct 31, 2012

I've been to Slavin. There's good views over Bratislava. I believe there is a small bus that goes to the foot of the steps (147).

There's several spelling mistakes/typos. here: "cemetery", "It is the only working..", "It was built in 1960,", "eastern terrace.."


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Jakub on Nov 01, 2012

You are right, there is the bus number 147.

And thanks for the corrections, I hope it does not make the text less useful :)


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