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Taxi in Bratislava


There are several dozen companies offering taxi services in Bratislava, and there are also independent drivers who have the necessary license, but do not drive for any company. Every taxi driver is always obligated to issue a receipt upon request and must have a taximeter switched on while driving. Taxi rides in Bratislava are safe, but occasionally minor scams can occur, exploiting the ignorance of tourists in order to charge for a more expensive trip. It is therefore advisable to be careful and ask about the approximate price of the ride before boarding.

The price for a taxi in Bratislava varies according to the method of ordering. When ordered in advance, the ride is cheaper than when stopping on the street or when boarding on one of the stations. Entry tax starts at approx. € 4. However, it is also possible to come across a taxi with a boarding rate of up to € 15. The price must be visibly marked on the vehicle and can be checked before boarding. Payment per kilometer then starts at approximately 0.8 € / Km. When paying, it is common to round the price to the whole EUR, or leave a tip up to a maximum of approx. 10%.

Taxi from the airport

At M.R. Štefánik International Airport in Bratislava, contracted airport carriers operate, which park directly in front of the terminal, and their prices are visible on information panels. In addition to them, it is also possible to use companies operating outside the terminal, which are slightly cheaper. The center of Bratislava is 9 km away from the airport and the taxi ride time is approx. 20 minutes. The normal tax then ranges from 16 to 20 €.

Taxi from Bratislava to Vienna

Bratislava and Vienna are only 64 kilometers away and are the two closest capitals in the world. Both have an international airport, the journey by car takes approximately 45 minutes and the taxi service between them is often used. It is usual to always pay for the whole car, regardless of the number of passengers. Prices start at approx. € 50 per trip between airports. City centers are further apart, and therefore the price is higher.
Other popular intercity taxi connections from Bratislava include taxi routes from Bratislava - Budapest and Bratislava - Brno.

Alternative taxi services

There are also some alternative taxi services in Bratislava. The most popular are Bolt and Uber. Traveling with these companies is cheaper than with a classic taxi. However, the drivers of these alternative carriers are not licensed and also ordering is possible only through the installed mobile application.

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