Even though Bratislava is generally the most expansive city in Slovakia, it is still cheaper than the other world capital cities. The biggest difference is in the prices of alcohol and cigarettes.

Sample average prices

Beer 12% bottled 0,5l 1,5€
Cask beer 10 % in restaurants 0,5l 1,2€
Menu in restaurant per person 4€
Cigarettes Marlboro King size 19 pieces 4€
Bread 1kg 1,30€
Chicken frier 1kg 2,45€
Milk 1l 0,75€
Butter 125g 1€

Fashion in Bratislava

Walking in the historic city center in Bratislava you can easily find many smaller or bigger shops offering prestigious brands, boutiques as well as nice souvenir shops, bookstores, grocery stores, or drugstores. The most important street for shopping in the city center is the street "Obchodna" with fashion brands like H&M, New Yorker, or Deichmann. Staff working in shops, caffés or restaurants in Bratislava usually speak English and many of them also German so do not be afraid to ask about price or coffee in a foreign language. In general, shops are open from 9 am to 6 pm, most of them with an hour lunch break at 12 am. Shopping centers and some shops in the city center have longer opening hours until 9 pm also during the weekends.

Bratislava market

If you want to enjoy traditional market shopping look for the market in "Miletičova" street or "Žilinská" street and buy fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits as well as homemade typical food products. Sellers in markets have usually fixed prices of their products, you can try negotiating but do not be disappointed if you fail. The best day for visiting markets is Saturday morning before 12 am. While visiting these places watch out the Chinese sellers trying to sell you the latest imitations of the fashion brands.

Shopping malls in Bratislava

In Bratislava there are several shopping malls where you can spend your rainy day not only with shopping but also enjoying cinema with the latest movies in English, delicious eating in nice restaurants, having your favorite coffee or even working out in a fitness center with longer opening hours from 9 am to 10 pm. All shopping centers are easily reachable either by car or with the public transport. Most famous ones are Aupark, newly opened Central, Polus City Center, Eurovea Galleria, Avion Shopping Park, OC Danubia or Shopping Palace Zlate Piesky.

Bratislava souvenirs

Are you looking for a souvenir to bring for your family or friends from Bratislava? While sightseeing in the city you bump into small shops full of typical souvenirs like cups, T-shirts, or postcards. If you really want to look for slovak traditional handmade products visit "ÚĽUV" shop on the "Obchodná" street or "SNP" square.


In general prices are fixed either in shops, markets or restaurants, but it is easy to find many discounts, coupons or sales and enjoy lots of shopping for less money. In the majority of shops or restaurants are card terminals which makes your stay in Bratislava cheaper while saving fees for withdrawing money or changing to Slovak currency- Euro.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Mike

    Why on earth do slovaks write on the beers he plato degrees and not the alcohol content? it baffles me

    1. Samuel

      Hi Mike,
      it's just to mess with tourists ... just kidding. I'm not sure, perhaps it's historic. However, since there's a zero alcohol tolerance when driving in Slovakia, you don't care that much about the alcohol content, but more about the taste (density) - and that's what the P degrees are about.

  2. sundeep

    Hey buddy thanks for the details.

    twas helpful.

    just had few questions.

    Iam moving to Bratislava in around June, i will be working there was a software engineer.
    so wanted ask whether 2000Euros PerMonth will be enough for living a luxurious life plus savings?

    and please let me know other details about accomodation charges, food, shopping details when compared to countries like USA, UK and India.


    1. Jozef

      Hi sundeep,
      hi I do not know what you mean under luxurious life style but with 2000,- Euro salary you can live pretty over standard I think. Cost of accommodation is around 300-1000 Euros per Month but it really depends on your land lord location etc. For compeering prices of everyday objects look on this site

  3. Esmat

    Where can I buy an air rifle ?

    1. Jakub

      Hi Esmat,
      I think you can buy it as a toy in every shopping center.

      1. Esmat

        Where can I buy an air rifle ?

        I need it for hunting birds

        1. Jakub

          Hi Esmat,
          I really do not know where exactly to buy this stuff. You can try even in the shopping centers in specialised shops.