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Vajnorské jazerá


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Table of content:

  1. Entrance fees
  2. Eating
  3. Fun activities
  4. Get there by public transport
  5. Get there by car

Vajnorské jazerá are two connected human-created lakes, nicknamed simply Báger. They are close to the Zlaté piesky lake, which is more commercial and tourist-oriented. The bathing and swimming in the Bager lake is allowed at your own risk, however, considered to be safe and clean. The lake is ideal for people who do not expect a luxury resort with many services, therefore, it is mainly visited by the young people.

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Entrance fees

The entrance to the area is free.


There are several mini-bufets, which offer also hot meals.

Fun activities

  • Water bicycles rental
  • Beach volleyball

Get there by public transport

The lake is located in the Vajnory district, which is relatively far from the city. However, you can get there by bus number 53, 56 or 65 and the stop is called "Vajnory- nadjazd". Getting off here, you have to walk off the overpass and follow the underneath road, which leads to the train station. Then you cross the rails and you will see the lake.

Other possibility is to take the bus number 54 and get off at the terminus called "ŽST Vajnory". From here you cross the rails and get to the lakes.

Very comfortable way to get there from the city center is to take the train and get off at the station called "Bratislava - Vajnory". This journey takes no more than 10 minutes, but the trains depart only every hour (sometimes even longer).

Get there by car

You will need to find the crossing through the rails, which is a bit outside from the Vajnory district. A small road is hidden there and leads directly to the lake, where parking is completely free.

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