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Bratislava Nightlife


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  1. Outdoor drinking
  2. Clubs in Bratislava
  3. Bratislava student parties

Bratislava might be a small scene for nightlife but there are several zones full of great nightspots for all its party-greedy visitors. It is usually free to enter clubs in Bratislava, however, in some top places they can ask for couple of euros. Prices of coctails vary, starting at 6€ and people use to enter clubs before midnight and stay there until 3 – 4am.

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Outdoor drinking

During summer nights, streets are full of people hanging out. The best spot outside where you can meet nice people is the corner of Židovská and Beblavého street, right under the Bratislava castle. You can find several bars on this street: Elektricka - well known thanks to its owner (famous Slovak actor) and thanks to its unique design imitating tram. The other good bars there are Vydrica or U čerta. This street has its very unique and easy-going atmosphere with people sitting on the ground, talking to each other and drinking good Slovak beer.

Clubs in Bratislava

Clubbing inside of the city icon? Restaurant and nightclub U.F.O. tower, which "stands" on the bridge, is a unique place to visit. Open-air observation deck, sophisticated cuisine, fusion bar menu, modern and minimalistic interior- whatever we call it, this is the top spot to see!

Around the Presidential Palace an exclusive disco club Kartell Club Bratislava open four days a week with the best local DJs, popular mostly with younger crowds.

Iconic club Subclub under the castle rock plays techno, drum `n` bass, indie, ska or reggae in a unique platform of the army shelter.

Exclusive dance club in the city center The Club inside of the building of Park Inn Danube Hotel brings mass of parties and thematic weekends performed by prestigious local and world-class DJs.

Top class night life is the main sence of Masquerade Club; a club in the city center with 2 stages of House & R`n`B music played by the best European Djs.

Prestigious Trafo Music Bar is called after the real and functioning trafo station in the center of Bratislava that is located directly in this building. Entering the original and stylish interior, notice the longest bar wall (15.4 m) in here!

An oasis of good and chill music, Nu Spirit Bar & Lounge, welcomes people who can enjoy live music 6 days per week. Music varies from jazz to hip hop, house or drum `n` bass with one equal feature - music here has a soul.

Cultural center KC Dunaj is a multi cultural meeting point, full of live shows, club nights, literature, visual arts, theater, social events and theme nights out. Our tip: Swing Time and Retro parties. No time for party? Visit this place, have a drink and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Bratislava castle.

The real Rockers find their satisfaction at a rock club, RockOK, opened every day until morning hours. It brings concerts of topical rock bands. Every Friday and Saturday night The British Rock Stars club experiences a rock party on its three platforms with an unplugged stage.

Followers of the 80's and 90's disco music will fill up their taste in the Music Bar Priatelia inspired by epic TV series from the 90' - "Friends".

In the neighborhood of Main Bus Station (Autobusova Stanica Mlynske Nivy) you will find the Club LOFT! with various kinds of dance music inside of the newly reconstructed industrial interior.

Bratislava student parties

Are you eager to come back to your student life? To find this place full of student parties, you take a bus number 31 or 39 from the city center. When you get off at the last stop- Mlynska dolina, you have just arrived to the dormitory area with its clubs: Unique, ELAM and Club 39. Literally, every day these clubs are full of students, host thematic parties, concerts or theater performances.

Top Clubs in Bratislava

26 places found in Bratislava city center

  • Great Club & Restaurant

    Great Club & Restaurant

    1.  Slovak, Burger, Pizza, Italian
    2.   22 for two
    3.  3.9/5
    4.   Suché mýto 6, Staré Mesto, Bratislava I
  • Nu Spirit Bar

    Nu Spirit Bar

    1.  Drinks Only
    2.   16 for two
    3.  3.9/5
    4.   Medená 16, Staré Mesto, Bratislava I
  • Rock Cafe

    Rock Cafe

    1.  Burger, Steak, Grill
    2.   22 for two
    3.  3.9/5
    4.   Mikuláša Schneidera-Trnavského, Dúbravka, Bratislava IV
  • Dungeon pub

    Dungeon pub

    1.  Drinks Only
    2.   12 for two
    3.  3.7/5
    4.   Štefánikova 14, Staré Mesto, Bratislava I

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Varun on Mar 27, 2018

Hello Lucia,

We are three friends, planning on a roadtrip from Germany to Bratislava. We plan to reach there by Friday evening and find a cheap accomodation to crash for the night. Secondly, We hate going to touristic pubs and bars where you meet only tourists, could you suggest some good club/pubs/music joints which are famous among the local alternate community. ? we want to really connect and feel the culture of the locals there. Any suggestion would be helpful. It can be electronic music or a concert of folk music from the region, or whatever the local community is more into.

Thanks a lot



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