If you visit Bratislava even for few hours, there is always time for a little sightseeing.

This guide helps you plan your tour depending on your interests and time disposition. Choose a tour plan from the list above, where the best routes and spots are presented. Please, bear in mind, that these tours are not guided and are just a recommendation for you. We selected landmarks, which we think are the most important to visit during your day in Bratislava but you would be your own guide.

If you would prefer an organised tour with our professional guide, please see the Guided Tours page. 

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Questions & Answers

  1. Simon

    Is it easy to walk into the centre from the railway station

    1. Samuel

      Hi Simon,
      yes it is :)
      (approx 30 min to the very center of Bratislava)

      1. Simon

        Thank You

  2. Julian


    I like to do the Must See Bratislava tour so can you please tell me what days and times I can join the tour.

    Thank you,

    1. Samuel

      Hi Julian,
      that depends, whether you want to have a guided tour, or go on your own. If you want a guided one, please find more info about booking here (it's shorter than our recommended nonguided tour)

      1. Julian

        Thanks for your reply Samuel,
        I will do a guided tour but I'm also looking at doing the FREE tour also. Apparently there are 2 FREE tours, one described as "Must see Bratislava" and the other one is "All day long Bratislava tour"

        So can you please provide details regarding the FREE tours.

        Kind regards,

        1. Jakub

          Hi Julian,
          just to make it clear, free tours are designed just to give you an idea, what to visit. They are not guided, so there is no meeting point or specific date. They are just showing how you could organise your visit by your own :)
          If you have any concerns, please contact us back.

          1. Julian

            Thanks Jakub,

            I appreciate the time you took to explain this to me.
            I think it's better to just do a proper guided tour then.

            Thanks again,

  3. god

    thats an intense stare you have there jakub. you look possessed by the devil. you get 5 stars just for that stare.

    1. Jakub

      Hello God,
      I am not possessed by devil, as long as I know. I just concentrate on writing (hopefully) useful articles, a.k.a doing good deeds. So I am rather on you side :)

      1. Max

        Keep up the Good Work.

        1. Jozef

          Hi Max,
          for the whole team thank you :)