Please bear in mind, that this tour is not guided and is just a recommendation for you what to visit. If you want a guide, visit the Guided Tours page!

This tour presents all the must-see spots in Bratislava. In approximately 4 hours you will see the places which form the look & feel of Bratislava, were crucial in the past, or are important nowadays. From St. Martin's Cathedral to Slavin memorial to Bratislava castle - all in one well planned tour.

General information

Duration 4 hours 30 minutes
Alternative Classic guided walking tour

Follow the map to see the circuit on the map.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Anna

    This page seems very helpful to me as well. :) I plan to visit BA on 17th November... But I just realized that day is a national holiday...
    Which places will be closed for sure from the itinery list?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Jakub

      Hi Anna,
      you are correct, national holiday is on 17th of November. However, all the things mentioned in this guide are outdoor and thus opened. To some you might not be able to get in, but honestly the outdoor beauty would be enough :) But some shops might me closed at this date.

    2. Samuel

      Hi Anna,
      I just want to add, that because of the holiday (it is our version of The independence day), so there should be some nice cultural events (in case you might be interested)

  2. Mitchie

    Hi Jakub,
    Thank you for this guide! It would be really helpful for me. I am looking forward to visiting Bratislava in October :) May I please request for a separate link for the map, as I cannot seem to access it from the general information of this page.

    1. Jakub

      Hi Mitchie,
      thanks for notifying me! We are currently preparing a new design so I hope all information will be correct then. Meanwhile please see the map here:

  3. Pearl

    Where does this tour start from?



    1. Jakub

      Hi Pearl,
      it really depends on you, as this tour is not guided. But I would suggest you to start at the Presidential palace and continue "down" towards the Michael's gate and tower.