Please bear in mind, that this tour is not guided and is just a recommendation for you what to visit. If you wish to get a guide, visit the Guided Tours page!

This tour presents all the must see spots in Bratislava and some more places, which are famous in Bratislava. In approximately 8 hours you will see the places, which form the look of Bratislava and were crucial in the past or are important nowadays. You will stop in few famous restaurants to taste the Slovak traditional beverages and food. From St. Martin's Cathedral, through Slavin memorial, to Bratislava castle - all in one well-planed tour.

General information

Duration 8 hours (with stops)
Alternative Grand city sightseeing

Follow the map below to see the circuit on the map.

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Questions & Answers

  1. elizabeth.hodgson31

    will be in Bratislava this week - can you send map and directions for your tours please.

    1. Jakub

      Hi elizabeth,
      this tour is not guided and offers just an idea what you could visit in Bratislava. However, I recommend you to take our guided tour here which covers most of the spots:

  2. Nicole Sch

    I've got a problem: I can't open the map and I would love to see all the places. /: Where can I find it?

    1. Samuel

      Hi Nicole Sch,
      there seems to be a problem (I cannot see it either). We will fix it as soon as possible, check again later please :)

  3. Mrs Chia

    Hello! I’m Mrs Chia of Singapore. I’ll be going to Bratislava for 1 day on Mon 7 Jul 2014 with my 2 daughters. I wld like to join your 4.5 hrs 'Top of Bratislava' Free Walking Tour on that day. How can I reserve 3 places with your group, & where do we meet?

    Thank you.

    Mrs Chia

    1. Samuel

      Hi Mrs Chia,
      this tour is without a guide, tourists are encouraged to go on their own. However, if you want to go on a guided tour, please see the booking section here

  4. Jeremy

    Hi guys,
    can you pls email me a larger map of this walking tour.

    1. Jakub

      Hi Jeremy,
      please see larger map here:

  5. Maja

    Hello, is this tour going on also in December? Coz we're planning a trip on 29.11, 30.11.
    Thank you for the infos!

    1. Jakub

      Hi Maja,
      these tours are not organised - they are just an idea what to see and where.