Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, the bordering southern neighbor of Slovakia. Even htough it is not as close as Vienna, Budapest is still approachable within 3 hours from Bratislava either by bus, train, or a boat.

How to travel to Budapest?

Once choosing Budapest as your final destination to visit from Bratislava, there are several options how to travel there, but which one is the best? Bus, train or boat?

Do you want to enjoy your journey and have a nice experience?

Take a boat trip!

In the summer we definitely suggest you a boat trip! It is a beautiful trip including a chance to spend a day in Hungary’s capital. Boat transport starts to operate in April till October.

What is cheaper? Bus or train?

There is not a significant difference between the prices of bus and train tickets. If you buy the tickets in advance you have no problems with them being sold out There is a big advantage with the bus transport - you can buy tickets online, which is not possible with trains.

Buy bus ticket online: here.

Free luggage, oversize luggage or a lot of luggage?

Take a train!

There is neither size nor quantity limit of luggage you want to transport. So take all the luggage you want with a train. But keep in mind that you need pay for carrying a bicycle.

Wifi, magazines and drinks on aboard?

Take a bus!

Most of the bus companies provide free wifi, magazines and hot drinks or water on aboard in order to make your journey more comfortable.

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Questions & Answers

  1. vali

    I would like to know if there is a ferry in October from Budapest to Bratislava.
    So where is she goes in Budapest and Bratislava where she comes from.
    What is the cost of the cruise?
    Thank you (:

    1. Samuel

      Hi vali,
      I'm afraid not. At the moment, the water level is so low, that Hydrofoil do not operate at all. I think there is only a little chance it will do so later this month.

  2. Ludmi


    Just want to know the price for 2 one way train tickets, from Bratislava to Budapest. I'll buy the ticket at the station, anyone know how much they are?

    Thank in advance.

    1. Samuel

      Hi Ludmi,
      this site says it's 11euros, I believe it's a little bit more (but not much). It's a pity you can't check this online.

  3. Javier

    I'm interested in go from Bratislava to Budapest by boat on September, but I can't find information about tickets on internet. Is possible this trip?, someone knows how much could cost and where book?

    Kind regards


    1. Samuel

      Hi Javier,
      the ordinary cruises seem to be cancelled, but try your luck here

  4. Helen.MacDonald

    I am looking for pricing for a return Danube trip from Bratislava to Budapest?
    We are travelling to Bratislava on Saturday for 5 nights.

    Kind regards


  5. Rikki

    This is a very nice site! I am hoping to visit Bratislava with my family in September. We would like to take the train from Vienna and stop in Bratislava and spend the day, and then continue on to Budapest.

    Two questions:
    1 - I can purchase the tickets online for the journey from Vienna to Bratislava, but I do not see online ticket purchases for the train from Bratislava to Budapest. What is the approximate cost? How do I purchase tickets?

    2 - How safe is it to store our luggage at the train station? Are there lockers, or a luggage desk? What is the cost?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Samuel

      Hi Rikki,

      1. You can only buy the ticket at the train station. Consider bus maybe, you can buy bus tickets online (see the link below)

      2. Yes, they should be safe (have never heard otherwise), for the pricing see the link