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Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. Many people still think, that Czech Republic and Slovakia still form one country - Czechoslovakia. However, it is not true anymore. In 1993 both countries split into two separate countries.

Bratislava became the capital city of Slovakia, while Prague became the capital city of Czech Republic.

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Even though each country uses its own language, they remained almost the same. People from Czech Republic understand people from Slovakia and vice versa.


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Cindy Bailey on Feb 10, 2013

We would like to take the train from Prague to Bratislava. Can you book it on line from Canada? Can you send the schedule as well. Thank you.

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Jakub on Feb 17, 2013

Hi Cindy,

please see this page - - to see all the information about the train from Prague to Bratislava.


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Ponderosa on Oct 04, 2017

Hello, I'm an Asian female senior citizen. I will be joining a tour of Prague in November 2017. I plan to extend my travel to Bratislava, Slovakia after my trip to Prague. Are there direct trains to Bratislava from Prague? Is it safe for a female travelling alone? Are there tours that I can join from Prague to Bratislava that you can recommend. Thank you for your advice.

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