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Bratislava to Prague by train


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There is a direct train connection between Prague and Bratislava. It takes approximately 4 hours 10 minutes to get from one central train station to another. Bratislava’s central train station is called Bratislava hlavná stanica, often shortened to Bratislava, hl. st. The central train station in Prague is called Praha hlavní nádraží, shortened to Praha, hl. n.

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Tickets and prices

TypeTicket price
Return ticket app. 30€
One way ticket 13 -15€

It is possible to buy tickets via the Internet using official Czech railway website. Change language in the top right corner to English.Here you can choose the specific train and buy tickets for a specific route. It is possible to pay by credit card, in the Czech Crown currency (1€ = app. 25CZK). One-way ticket is valid for two days and the return ticket is valid for one month.


From Bratislava to Prague train departs every two hours starting at 6:13 till 18:13. From Prague to Bratislava train departs also every hour starting at 5:39 till 18:39. Those trains are direct EuroCity trains offering the first and the second class. It takes 4 hours 10 minutes to get from one station to another. There are also some night trains departing around midnight.

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Ketan on Apr 26, 2013

I can not change the language in English on the site of Czech Railway? where on top right as mentioned.

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Jakub on Apr 26, 2013


in top right corner you have search box and next to it there ar languages - "cz" and "en".

Click "en" to change to english language.


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Lee Peng on Apr 30, 2013

Hi, I have lost a few paintings on the train back from Prague to Bratislava on 25th April around 5.30pm train. We try to look for it on the same train next day unfortunately we can't find it.

Like to know if there's any report of lost & found paintings? Appreciate you can contact me if there's any. Thank you.

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Jakub on Apr 30, 2013

Hi Lee,

as written on official losts and founds slovakrail website, try to write an email to [email protected] with specific information about your paintings.

Hope you will find it.

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John Frizzell on Jun 30, 2013

How do I purchase two tickets from Bratislava to Prague for tomorrow 1st July leaving about mid day

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Jakub on Jul 01, 2013

Hello John,

Sorry for late answer. I hope you managed it to buy tickets directly on the station, as it is the safest way how to ensure low price.


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