There is a direct connection between Vienna and Bratislava by the river Danube. Basically, there are two main companies, which operate on these routes; both using high-speed boats, but the time varies because of the different routs. The online reservation of the tickets is possible.



TicketNormal tariffReduced tariffOne-way duration (hours)Operator
One way ticket 1 19€ - 33€2 Half of the normal tariff 3 app. 1:15 Twin City Liner
One way ticket 18€ -50% children 6-15 years old
free for children under 6
-10% Students, ISIC
-10% Seniors above 60, disabled
app. 1:40 Slovak boats and ports
Return ticket 28€ -50% children 6-15 years old
free for children under 6
-10% Students, ISIC
-10% Seniors above 60, disabled
app. 1:40 Slovak boats and ports
  • 1 The return ticket consists of two one-way tickets
  • 2 Prices vary depending on the date and a seat
  • 3 Children 2 - 12 years old. Children under 2 for free


The Twin City Liner shuttles every day, starting from 8:00, till 18:00. The specifics will be shown during the reservation process.

The Slovak boats and ports shuttle on specific days, depending on the season. See the timetable (EN) for more information.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Matthew

    Do any passenger boats operate Vienna-Bratislava-Vienna in November? Specifically the week beginning Monday 9th November 2015.

    Thank you


  2. tijana

    hello, where is the starting point for the trip in Bratislava? And is it possible to buy ticket in life, like in cash? :)

  3. Pierre-Louis


    From what date can you go to Vienna from Bratislava by boat ?

    Thanks !

    1. Jakub

      Hi Pierre-Louis,
      the boats start to operate in mid April.

  4. Gustavo


    Wich one of these two companies would you suggest, considering comfort and services onboard?


    1. Jakub

      Hi Gustavo,
      Twincityliner might be a bit more comfortable and faster, but is cheaper and somehow more appealing to me, so I would suggest this one :)


    hello from Mexico!
    I'm going to Bratislava from Poland.... then after staying there for three days I want to take the Boat to Vienna to enjoy Danube River... can you tell me the fares ?.. Im going in June, is it available ?
    thanks and see you soon!

    1. Jakub

      Hi ALBERTO,
      the fares differ slightly depending on the operator. Please refer to or to learn more about fares and timetables.
      Enjoy the trip :)

      1. ALBERTO

        Hi Jakub,
        hi again! I ve tried tp book pnline in these two places you sent me the links but there is no boat available for june 15 (monday) from Bratislava to Vienna one way ticket. that is the date Im making the trip
        can you send me more boats lines if available? maybe there´s more available!
        thanks again for all of your help and hope to hear from you soon!

        1. Jakub

          Hi ALBERTO,
          unfortunately there are only these two operators on this route. Maybe did you consider bus?