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Bratislava to Vienna by train


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There is a direct connection between both cities. It takes approximately 1 hour to get from one central station to another. Bratislava's central station is called Bratislava - Hlavná stanica, often shortened to Bratislava- Hl. st., in some occasions. In Vienna you will get to the newly built Wien Hauptbahnhof central station.

New Central Railway Station in Vienna, including the new BahnhofCity mall, was opened on 10 October 2014. Construction works to replace the old Südbahnhof with a new Central Railway Station and to build a new residential area will last until 2015. Bratislava is still waiting for the reconstruction, so do not get surprised by the extreme difference between both stations.

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport

Tickets and prices

It is possible to buy Bratislava to Vienna ticket online, but it is not necessary to do so in advance to secure your seat as the trains are rarely full. You are ok to buy a ticket over the counter just before your depart.

When you buy the ticket, you have 3 days to make your journey. For example if today is October 28th and you buy your ticket for November 10th, you can make your journey either on November 10th, 11th or 12th. Then you have 16 more days to use your ticket for the return journey. If you buy a ticket valid also for the city transport within Vienna Zone 100, it is valid only till midnight of the day you marked it the train. You do not have to mark it again inside of the Vienna public city transport.

Watch this video for all info in 2 minutes

Tickets valid one week or one month give you the opportunity to travel there and back multiple times within the given time period.

Ticket Normal tariff Reduced tariff for children and dogs
Return ticket "Vienna Ticket" 14€ 7€
Return ticket valid for city transport within Vienna "Vienna Ticket + Z 100" 18,80€ 9,40€
Ticket valid 1 week 38€ 20€
Ticket valid 1 month 118€ 65€


There are two stations where you can get to in Bratislava. Those are:

In Vienna, there is only one station - Wien Hauptbahnhof. If you are a tourist, Bratislava main station <> Vienna would be your ideal route.

Trains shuttle every hour from Vienna to Bratislava and every two hours from each of the Bratislava stations. As there are two stations in Bratislava, you can actually get to Vienna every hour, but from different station.

First trains usually depart around 4 - 5 a.m. and the very last train to Bratislava goes after midnight. This one does not arrive to Bratislava central station, but Bratislava - Petržalka train station. From here you would have to take a bus number 80 to get to the Bratislava city center, or 93 to get to the central train station.

Bratislava > Vienna

RouteFirst train*Last train*Interval*Route plannerBuy ticket online
Bratislava central train station > Vienna 5:38 22:38 every hour Check schedule online Buy ticket online
Bratislava Petrzalka > Vienna 4:27 22:45 every 2 hours Check schedule online Buy ticket online

* Make sure to check the online schedule to confirm the exact time

Vienna > Bratislava

RouteFirst train*Last train*Interval*Route plannerBuy ticket online
Vienna > Bratislava main train station 5:16 22:16 every hour Check schedule online Buy ticket online
Vienna > Bratislava Petrzalka 4:45 0:50 every 2 hours Check schedule online Buy ticket online

* Make sure to check the online schedule to confirm the exact time

Transport from Bratislava station

The public transport stop is called "Hlavná stanica" and is one of the most important stops in whole city. Visit the Official city transport web site with departures from Central train station for more information. The basic directions and routes from station:

  • to city center - you take any bus or trolleybus directing to Račianske mýto and then take a tram to the city center; you can just walk following the signs "Centrum"
  • to bus station - take the direct bus number 210 towards "Autobusová stanica" and take off at the last stop.
  • to the airport - take the direct bus number 21 toward "Letisko M.R. Štefánika" and take off at the last stop.

Other transportation opportunities

Bratislava and Vienna are very well connected with all types of transport. Check this guide to choose the best one to fit your needs. Basically you can choose between:

All possibilities are well illustrated on this map:


As many documents are written in Slovak even English declared, here is the most important vocabulary, which will make everything easier for you to read:

  • vlak - train
  • zo stanice - from station
  • do stanice - to station
  • zastávka - bus/tram/train stop
  • Bratislava - Bratislava central station
  • Wien Sudbf/Hauptbf.- Vienna central station
  • a späť - and back
  • Obyčajné cestovné spiatočné - Normal return ticket
  • Polovičné cestovné spiatočné - Reduced return ticket

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Graham Bold on Nov 12, 2012

Many thanks for a clear and easily understood site. This site solved my transport problems to and from Vienna Florisdorf and Bratislav Airport.

Regards Graham

Reply 100%

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Jakub on Nov 12, 2012

Glad to help you Graham. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us :)

Reply 100%

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valentina on Nov 24, 2012

My daughter bought the tickets for us in berlin.Is there a specialoffice on the Hl.St. to which she can send these tickets where we can get them(poste restante to be called for).Yours sincerely Valentina,Ukraine


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Jakub on Nov 24, 2012

Hello Valentina,

I am not sure if I understand your situation. Why do you need to send the tickets to the Bratislava Main station? You can reply me directly to [email protected] so that you do not have to write it publicly here :)

Hope I will be able to help.

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denisa on Dec 21, 2012

From. Wien airport is direct connection to hlavna that correct?

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Jakub on Dec 21, 2012

Hello Denisa,

I am sorry, but there is no direct train or bus connection between Wien airport and Bratislava train station.

However, there is a bus departing from Wien Airport and arriving to Bratislava main bus station (Bratislava, AS). From here you take a bus number 21 or trolleybus number 210. They depart every 10 minutes and the journey takes 15 minutes. Do not forget to buy a 15-minute ticket for 0,70€ and mark it in a bus.

Have safe trip :)


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