Bratislava to Vienna by bus

There is a direct bus connection between Bratislava and Vienna. You can buy tickets either on the Internet, in the ticket offices located nearby the bus stations of both cities or even directly on the bus.

Buy bus tickets

There are several bus companies providing connection between Bratislava and Vienna with another stop at the Vienna Airport Schwechat. The bus company Slovakia Lines operates 21 buses daily leaving from Vienna to Bratislava and vice versa and it takes approx. 45 minutes for  7.7€ one way ticket and return ticket for 14.30€. There are two main operators on this route - Slovak Lines and Blaguss.

Operator: Slovak Lines

Buy tickets

To buy a Slovakia Lines ticket choose from following options: 

  • Use form above and you will be redirected to the Slovak Lines shop

  • Slovaklines ticket office at Bus Station Mlynske Nivy  

  • Slovaklines reservation centers at Vienna Airport arrival hall

  • Slovaklines ticket office at Sudtirolerplatzin Vienna

  • Coach drivers (they can speak basic English), while purchasing the ticket at the bus driver announce your bus stop either in Vienna or in Bratislava. 

Depending on your arrival time to Vienna Airport you can buy an open return ticket in the office of Vienna Airport Lines Postubus located in the arrival hall. In a case of a delayed flight your booked ticket can be used for any other service of the Slovakialines buses within the same day (as far as there is a free seat in that connection). 

While visiting Vienna you can buy a bus ticket including all day long ticket for the public transport for the city of Vienna. For Bratislava visitors there is a Bratislava-ticket used for public transport in Bratislava that can be purchased at the driver for additional fee. Find more information about the Combined tickets here. There is also a possibility of buying an OPEN ticket with validation of 180 days.


You can download the pocket timetable BRATISLAVA - VIENNA here.

Bus stops in Bratislava

  •  Bratislava Airport, bus stop in front of the arrival hall
  •  Bratislava Bus Station Mlynske Nivy, platform no. 12
  •  Petrzalka, Einsteinova street (coming from Vienna)

Bus stops in Vienna

  •  Vienna Airport Schwechat
  •  Bratislava - Vienna:  Ankunftsebene (arrivals), platform no. 5
  •  Vienna – Bratislava: Ankunftsebene (arrivals), platform no. 4
  •  Vienna, Südtirolerplatz: platform no. C1

Operator: Blaguss

Another option how to travel to Vienna is to use Blaguss Slovakia buses which operates 13 times per day connecting Bratislava and Vienna.

  • online
  • sales close 24h prior the bus departure
  • Vienna airport Schwechat, located directly at the departure of CAT and P4, Arrival Hall on Level 0
  • Euroline main office in Vienna, Erdberg,
  • Sale office in Bratislava,
  • at the bus driver
  •  In case of any questions: nonstop hotline: 00421 243 63 7257

Bus stops

  • Bratislava Airport
  • Bratislava most SNP (Novy most)
  • Bratislava Petrzalka, Einsteinova street
  • Airport Wien, Schwechat, Busterminal platforma 5
  • Vienna, VIB, Erdbergstrasse 200/A


The price for Blaghus Slovakia bus lines varies depending on your journey:

  • From Bratislava Airport to Vienna, Erdbergstrasse:  10€ one-way/18€ return 
  • From Bratislava Airport to Vienna,  Airport Schwechat: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Bratislava most SNP (Novy most) to Airport Schwechat: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Bratislava most SNP (Novy most) to Vienna, Erdbergstrasse: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • FromBratislava Petrzalka, Einsteinova street to Airport Schwechat: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Bratislava Petrzalka, Einsteinova street to Vienna, Erdbergstrasse: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Vienna, Erdbergstrasse to Vienna,  Airport Schwechat: 5€ one-way/9€ return  
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Hi, Me and my friends will be travelling from Vienna to Bratislava on October 8.
How many days valid are one way tickets if we purchase in advance?


Published by zariz | 7 days ago

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Hi zariz,
Ticket bought from through our website is valid for exact day and hour if you bought specific ticket for specific bus or 180 days after your purchase if you bought open ticket with not predetermined bus.

Published by Jozef (Bratislava Guide) | 7 days ago

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I want to travel to Vienna airport (and come back) through BLAGUSS bus service. Can you please tell me where exactly is the bus stop near Most SNP. I live in Bratislava but couldn't find exact location of bus stop.


Published by Dev | 58 days ago

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Hi Dev,
it's right under the bridge (approximately 100m from St. Martin cathedral)

Published by Samuel (Bratislava Guide) | 57 days ago

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What is the best way to go from Wien airport to Banska Bistrica. We arrive 30.06.2014 at 11 a.m. to Wien airport

Published by Asta | 18 Jun '14

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Hi Asta,
I recommend first take a train to Bratislava and then change to another train to B.Bystrica. Also, consider doing the same, but with bus, if you want a cheaper solution.

Published by Samuel (Bratislava Guide) | 18 Jun '14

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If I buy a bus ticket from


to leave at 11:30 with eurolines/slovaklines can I also use the ticket on the 10:30 bus?

My flight arrives at 10:15 so I might not get to the 10:30 bus in time.


Published by Ricky | 17 Jun '14

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Hi Ricky,
yes, it should be valid for the whole day. However there might be a problem if the next bus will have no empty seats (which is, however, improbable).

Published by Samuel (Bratislava Guide) | 17 Jun '14

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I need to travel (family of 4) from Bratislava to Vienna on June 21st, and return to Bratislava on June seems either complicated (bus) or very expensive (boat) can you help please? :)

Published by Jamie | 09 Jun '14

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Hi Jamie,
I do not understand what is complicated on bus when you get on the bus in midlle of Bratislava and get of in wiena but I understand that bus is not very confortable as other means of transport. Other include travelibg by boat, hired shutlle or trian. Train is explaind on our website. It cost less than boat and is faster then bus ;)

Published by Jozef (Bratislava Guide) | 10 Jun '14

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Hi Jamie,
maybe if you could narrow your departure and arrival points in Bratislava/Vienna, we could advise you better what type of transport to use?

Published by Jakub (Author) | 10 Jun '14

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If I purchase an open return, will it be valid on any bus on arrival. I am flying into Bratislava at approx. 13:15 and I am looking at booking the 14:30 bus. If my flight is delayed can I use the ticket on a later service.

Published by gmackie1 | 21 May '14

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Hi gmackie1,
If you purchase your ticket with Slovakia Lines, you can use it for the next bus connection but within the same day.


Published by Lucia (Bratislava Guide) | 21 May '14

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To whom it may concern:
3 Adults have travel scheduled with 3 bicycles to Bratislava by your's Bus.
We will arrive at Vienna international airport on 21 June 2014 from Seoul, Korea by Lufthansa.

Please let me know about our's 3 bicycle's carry to Bratislava by your's Bus
I am looking forward good word from you.

Thank you
From Seoul Korea

Published by Gun M. Lee/ Mr | 16 Mar '14

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Hi Gun M. Lee/ Mr,
please look at those websites :
One option to consider is also going to Vienna first and then take a train

Published by Samuel (Bratislava Guide) | 13 Apr '14

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I will arrive on 3 dec 2013 in Budapest ,after 3 days I will go to Bratislava ..where is the bus central station in Budapest ? what street name area ? help..

Published by jose santos | 20 Nov '13

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Hello Jose,
the bus station from which buses depart to Bratislava is called Népliget Bus station.
Have a safe trip.

Published by Jakub (Author) | 02 Dec '13

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Hello: I need to purchase tickets for 3 adults to travel from Vienna on Wed October 16 to Bratislavia Airport. I would like to reserve 3 seats for the 5:00 pm bus. And I would like to reserve 3 seats from Bratislavia Airport to Vienna on Sunday October 20 for approximately 3:00 pm. Please email information for this booking. I tried to book online, but found it too difficult as, regrettably, I do not speak German

Published by Teryl Greenard | 16 Oct '13

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Okay so CLEARLY i am so behind on Neeno... you've been away from Taiwan for 3 monhts now? WTH! Why? But it's so exciting that Lily is coming to see you (btw, her picture is now on my website, not sure if you noticed, hehe) don't stress, i'm sure she'll LOVE Slovenia and Europe in general... she'll just be happy to see you! As for how you can surprise her? Since she loves the simple things in life... perhaps a bouquet of flowers when you meet her in the airport? A private dinner somewhere? with candlelight? Oooo is she going to meet your family too!??! eeeeeek! So can you direct me to the blog post explaining why you left taiwan and what your guys' plans are for the future? hahaha!

Published by ePa3hTkyNK | 06 Oct '13

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Published by Samuel (Bratislava Guide) | 06 Oct '13

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