There are several bus companies providing connection between Bratislava and Vienna with another stop at the Vienna Airport Schwechat. The bus company Slovakia Lines operates 21 buses daily leaving from Vienna to Bratislava and vice versa and it takes approx. 45 minutes for  7.7€ one way ticket and return ticket for 14.30€. There are two main operators on this route - Slovak Lines and Blaguss.

Operator: Slovak Lines

Buy tickets

To buy a Slovakia Lines ticket choose from following options: 

  • Use form above and you will be redirected to the Slovak Lines shop

  • Slovaklines ticket office at Bus Station Mlynske Nivy  

  • Slovaklines reservation centers at Vienna Airport arrival hall

  • Slovaklines ticket office at Sudtirolerplatzin Vienna

  • Coach drivers (they can speak basic English), while purchasing the ticket at the bus driver announce your bus stop either in Vienna or in Bratislava. 

Depending on your arrival time to Vienna Airport you can buy an open return ticket in the office of Vienna Airport Lines Postubus located in the arrival hall. In a case of a delayed flight your booked ticket can be used for any other service of the Slovakialines buses within the same day (as far as there is a free seat in that connection). 

While visiting Vienna you can buy a bus ticket including all day long ticket for the public transport for the city of Vienna. For Bratislava visitors there is a Bratislava-ticket used for public transport in Bratislava that can be purchased at the driver for additional fee. Find more information about the Combined tickets here. There is also a possibility of buying an OPEN ticket with validation of 180 days.


You can download the pocket timetable BRATISLAVA - VIENNA here.

Bus stops in Bratislava

  •  Bratislava Airport, bus stop in front of the arrival hall
  •  Bratislava Bus Station Mlynske Nivy, platform no. 12
  •  Petrzalka, Einsteinova street (coming from Vienna)

Bus stops in Vienna

  •  Vienna Airport Schwechat
  •  Bratislava - Vienna:  Ankunftsebene (arrivals), platform no. 5
  •  Vienna – Bratislava: Ankunftsebene (arrivals), platform no. 4
  •  Vienna, Südtirolerplatz: platform no. C1

Operator: Blaguss

Another option how to travel to Vienna is to use Blaguss Slovakia buses which operates 13 times per day connecting Bratislava and Vienna.

  • online
  • sales close 24h prior the bus departure
  • Vienna airport Schwechat, located directly at the departure of CAT and P4, Arrival Hall on Level 0
  • Euroline main office in Vienna, Erdberg,
  • Sale office in Bratislava,
  • at the bus driver
  •  In case of any questions: nonstop hotline: 00421 243 63 7257

Bus stops

  • Bratislava Airport
  • Bratislava most SNP (Novy most)
  • Bratislava Petrzalka, Einsteinova street
  • Airport Wien, Schwechat, Busterminal platforma 5
  • Vienna, VIB, Erdbergstrasse 200/A


The price for Blaghus Slovakia bus lines varies depending on your journey:

  • From Bratislava Airport to Vienna, Erdbergstrasse:  10€ one-way/18€ return 
  • From Bratislava Airport to Vienna,  Airport Schwechat: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Bratislava most SNP (Novy most) to Airport Schwechat: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Bratislava most SNP (Novy most) to Vienna, Erdbergstrasse: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • FromBratislava Petrzalka, Einsteinova street to Airport Schwechat: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Bratislava Petrzalka, Einsteinova street to Vienna, Erdbergstrasse: 7.20€ one-way/12€ return 
  • From Vienna, Erdbergstrasse to Vienna,  Airport Schwechat: 5€ one-way/9€ return  

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Questions & Answers

  1. ona

    Hey there!

    I am currently in Bratislava and I want to go back to Vienna. The thing is I came by bike, but now i want to go back by bus or train, the cheapest way.
    Do you know if i can take the bike in the bus? Or if i have to pay to take it in the train? And by boat, could i take the bike with me?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!


    1. Samuel

      Hi ona,
      the boat is a little bit problematic, since it departs rarely during the autumn.
      the bus is a possible option, you have to pay for the bike and there has to be empty space in the cargo area (ask about this when buying the ticket).
      the train is also an option, however not every single one. When booking a train ticket, look for bike symbols (can be found here and here )

  2. Annie

    Hi, I've booked a return Bratislava-Vienna (Slovaklines- Eurolines), return was "open" and now I know my return date and would like to be sure of my reservation. Is it possible to do it online or do I have to go to some office in Vienna? Erdberg office (Eurolines )says they cannot do it. Or should I just take the risk and get on the bus with my "open" ticket?Thank you!

    1. Jakub

      Hi Annie,
      Annie, whatever Eurolines say is correct - they are a bus operator. And I honestly would not be scared that there will be no space, so no worries :)

    2. Samuel

      Hi Annie,
      according to Eurolines website
      "You must reserve your return journey yourself with a local Eurolines office at least 48 hours before your intended departure."

      It's weird that the Erdberg office say they cannot do it. Maybe try Vienna, Südtirolerplatz office. However, it also seems, that there is an option to buy tickets right on the spot, so it seems to me, it should be OK to come with an open ticket.

      I've also found two phone numbers for reservation, though I'm not sure if they are working : 01/ 798 29 00 or 01/ 610 90


  3. elly

    I want to ask the bus station it is safe at midnight?
    because just alone(female)take bus at 2:45 ,
    may be i will stay in the station 10pm to 2:45am(around 4h 45mins)
    i afraid the homeless around the station.

    i want to know orange way bus stop it is easy to find tn the station?

    And last question the bus station it is open 24 hours?

    1. Jakub

      Hi elly,
      I would not recommend you staying there alone. The station (building) is not opened 24/7, only the outside platforms. And here you could find some homeless people. They are not that dangerous, but it might be pretty uncomfortable for you to stay there. If you have so much time, you should maybe go to the city center - it is only 15 minutes away by walk:

      1. elly

        Dear Jakub's

        Thank you so much to reply .

        So the station ( building) open till what time???
        And it is have Wifi in and outside station to connect ???

        Thank you


        1. Jakub

          Hi elly,
          there is no Wi-Fi on the station. And honestly I am not sure about opening hours of the building (if there are some, it would be till midnight or so). In the end it is probably opened, but even though there is nothing to do inside.

          1. elly

            Dear Jakub's

            Thank you so much to reply

            And told me the info. ,help me a lot~

            THANKS A LOT~~~


            1. elly


              And did you know the platform for ORANGEWAYS from Bratislava to Berlin ???

              thank you ~

              1. Jakub

                Hi elly,
                unfortunately not, but you will find out on the station for sure.

  4. Annie

    Hello, is the bus stop (Slovak Lines ) from Bratislava to Vienna right in front of the exit or do we have to go for a walk, please? Thank you!

    1. Jozef

      Hi Annie,
      the stop in Bratislava is right on platform 1 which is located right opposite to the main entrance of the bus station.

      1. Annie

        Jozef, I suppose you mean right opposite to the main entrance of the airport? On Google maps the "bus" icon only mentions 61/513/1195.

        1. Jozef

          Hi Annie,
          I think I do not understand what you mean what airport? Can you ask your question agian? thank you.

          1. Annie

            Hi Jozef, I mean when you come out of the airport Bratislava Letisko, the bus stop for Slovak-Lines-Eurolines direction Vienna Airport is just in front of the airport entrance/exit door?

            1. Jozef

              Hi Annie,
              Oh yes I understand now, the bus stop is in front of the arrival hall at Bratislava airport you do not need to walk enywehere its like 50m walk.

              1. Annie

                Super! thanks!

  5. antoniszacharof

    Bus from Vienna to Bratislava.Fares and timetable