It is not possible to buy train tickets online. Consider going by bus. It is cheaper, more flexible and takes the same time. Buy bus tickets here!

There is a direct connection between both cities. It takes approximately 1 hour to get from one central station to another. Bratislava's central station is called Bratislava - Hlavná stanica, often shortened to Bratislava- Hl. st., in some occasions. In Vienna you will get to the newly built Wien Hauptbahnhof central station.

Tickets and prices

TicketNormal tariffReduced tariff for children and dogs
Return ticket "Vienna Ticket" 13€ 6,50€
Return ticket valid for city transport within Vienna "Vienna Ticket + Z 100" 17,50€ 8,50€
Ticket valid 1 week 34€ 20€
Ticket valid 1 month 103€ 65€

You can buy tickets from Vienna to Bratislava directly on the Internet using the official Austrian Rail website [ENG]. It is not, however, possible to buy Bratislava to Vienna ticket. Moreover, you will not get the special discount price for return ticket as if you would get when buying at the desk.

As soon as you have bought the ticket, you have 3 days to make your journey. For example if today is October 28th and you buy you ticket for the November 10th, you can realize your journey either on November 10th, 11th or 12th. Then you have 16 more days to use your ticket for the return journey. If you buy a ticket valid also for the city transport within Vienna Zone 100, it is valid only till midnight of the day you marked it in the train. You do not have to mark it again inside of the Vienna public city transport. Visit official Slovak Rail webpage for more information (SK).

Tickets valid one week or one month give you the opportunity to travel there and back multiple times within this time period.


From Vienna Hauptbahnhof the train departs every hour from 5:20 to 22:21. The very last train to Bratislava goes around 0:40 but does not arrive to the Bratislava central station, but Bratislava - Petržalka train station. From here you would have to take a bus number 80 to get to the Bratislava city center, or 93 to get to the central train station.

From Bratislava to Vienna there is also departure every hour beginning at 4:24 with the last departure at 22:42.

For more specific times of departure visit the Slovak Rail Timetables (EN) and follow the truck number 100 "Bratislava - Marchegg - (Gänserndorf ) - Wien a späť".

Transport from the station

The public transport stop is called "Hlavná stanica" and is one of the most important stops in whole city. Visit the Official city transport web site with departures from Central train station for more information. The basic directions and routes from station:

  • to city center - you take any bus or trolleybus directing to Račianske mýto and then take a tram to the city center; you can just walk following the signs "Centrum"
  • to bus station - take the direct bus number 210 towards "Autobusová stanica" and take off at the last stop.
  • to the airport - take the direct bus number 21 toward "Letisko M.R. Štefánika" and take off at the last stop.


As many documents are written in Slovak even English declared, here is the most important vocabulary, which will make everything easier for you to read:

  • vlak - train
  • zo stanice - from station
  • do stanice - to station
  • zastávka - bus/tram/train stop
  • Bratislava - Bratislava central station
  • Wien Sudbf/Hauptbf.- Vienna central station
  • a späť - and back
  • Obyčajné cestovné spiatočné - Normal return ticket
  • Polovičné cestovné spiatočné - Reduced return ticket

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Questions & Answers

  1. Sandhya

    I will be in Vienna in September and would like to go to Hallstatt after that. What is the best way - Train or Bus? and the prices for the same?



    1. Samuel

      Hi Sandhya,
      we are not sure, since this is a website about traveling to Slovakia. However, google advise using IC train

      (in general : buses are cheaper, but less comfy)


  2. volnei

    Hello. I couldn't find the price of the one-way ticket from Vienna to Bratislava.

    Best regards!

    1. Jakub

      Hi volnei,
      there is a special agreement between Vienna and Bratislava, thanks to which they offer discounted price for return ticket. One-way tickets are of course sold too, but sometimes are even more expensive than the return. Unfortunately I do not know the price for one way, but you can suppose it will be approximately the same price as return, if not more expensive.

  3. Mare

    Hey there! If I buy return-way ticket, is that valiuble only for that day, or I can use it 10 days after? Thanks!

    1. Samuel

      Hi Mare,
      no it's not only for one day, you can use it later. However, don't forget to reserve a seat if you want one :)

      1. Mare

        Also, as for that ticket for city transport, I can use it only in Bratislava/Vienna, or in both cities?

        1. Jozef

          Hi Mare,
          public transport is included only in Vienna in Bratislava you have to buy separate ticket for public transport.

  4. Ak


    Please could you tell me the best way to get from Vienna to Dunajská Streda? I am travelling there for a wedding in August.

    Many thanks

    1. Lucia

      Hi Ak,
      the best option is to take a bus from Vienna Airport and get off at Bus station in Bratislava. There are several direct buses from Bratislava to Dunajska streda and it take approx. 1 hour.

  5. Klara


    Is it possible to transport bicycles on these trams? And what If there are 8 of us? :/

    1. Lucia

      Hi Klara,
      Transporting bikes in trams is possible, and it is for free. You should always ask the driver to give u persmission to take the bike inside (it might happen, that the place selected for transporting bikes, strollers, wheelchairs is already occupied, so you have to wait for the next line).
      It is possible to transport only 2 bikes in the FIRST tram carrige. But do not worry, the trams usually drive every 10-12 minutes, so you can split into some groups and wait for each other at the final destination :)


    2. Samuel

      Hi Klara,
      just to be sure, are you asking about trams (public transport in Bratislava) or trains (intercity transport)?


      1. Klara

        Thank you Samuel, I wanted to ask about trains from Bratislava to Vienna

        1. Samuel

          Hi Klara,
          while Slovak rails aren't clear about the bicycles, OBB (Austria) states, that you take your bicycle for free. However be sure to check (in the timetable), that your train has a bicycle symbol. You can find more info right here